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The bus just got even better! Introducing... Now available for download on the App Store and on Google Play Store.

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Track your bus

In recent months, you have been patient as we needed to modify routes and hours. Now, you can track your bus online using our new online tracker. This will show you where your bus is and reflect updated arrival times based on detours, delays, etc. 

Track my bus


Rather than rely on our website to manually search for alerts, you can now subscribe to alerts that will come directly to your phone! Subscribing for alerts will only send you emails based on the routes you would like to subscribe to. 


Text for bus arrival time

Have you ever been at a bus stop and wondered when the next bus will arrive? Next time, text your bus stop location and then route number to 506.306.2772 and it will immediately respond with the next buses. 

If your stop has a shelter, your bus stop number can be found at the top of the outside of your shelter. If you are at a bus stop, it can be found on the sign. In Moncton, they start with "M", in Riverview, they start with "R", and in Dieppe, they start with "D" and are followed by four digits (eg: M0263). 

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Trip Planner

With our new software, you can now rely on our trip planner to show you accurate times and options. Need to arrive at your destination by a certain time? Wondering what bus to take if you want to leave your starting point by a certain time? Take advantage of our new trip planner!

Trip Planner

Register for an online account

By registering with our new online service tool, you will be able to set favourite routes for quick access. 

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