Active Transportation

Walking, cycling, even in-line skating, are all excellent ways to keep moving and to stay healthy. This, in combination with public transit, offers opportunities to be active while commuting. Today, many communities are including active transportation as part of their urban planning. These are important steps in creating healthier and more active communities over the long term.


Include walking as part of your routine. In addition to walking to your bus stop, consider getting off one stop sooner to allow for even more activity.

Bike Racks

Bike and ride. Bike to your bus stop and use the bike racks located on our buses to help with your commute. Did you know that bike racks are located throughout the city. Paid long-term bike storage is also available at three locations.

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Communities that Support Active Transportation

  • Create dedicated bicycle lanes and routes

  • Include the needs of pedestrians and cyclists in the expansion of traffic and transit routes

  • Link active transportation needs to public transit with bike racks, trails and other utilities

  • Maintain, upgrade and expand pedestrian and cycling routes and utilities

  • Provide storage facilities for bicycles

  • Favour efficient urban design that easily connects residents to neighbourhoods, retail spaces, schools and recreational areas

  • Work with retail and service sectors to encourage the use of active and public transportation 

  • Create and protect greenspaces to benefit the active community

  • Educate drivers about sharing the road with pedestrians and cyclists

Workplaces that Support Active Transportation

  • Create opportunities for employees to use active transportation

  • Provide secure bicycle storage, lockers and shower facilities for employees

  • Allow more flexible dress codes

  • Promote employee recognition programs to encourage use of active and public transit

  • Work with municipal planners to create safe and efficient routes for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Provide or subsidize safe cycling or in-line skating clinics for their employees

Schools that Support Active Transportation

  • Encourage walking and cycling to school

  • Work with the municipality to identify and create safe travel routes for students

  • Collaborate with teachers to educate children about traffic and pedestrian safety

  • Offer cycling and in-line skating skill and safety courses

  • Work with parents, motorists and the community-at-large, to make the trip to school a safe trip for children and youth.