About Us

Codiac Transpo is committed to providing a safe, reliable and professional transit service for everyone in our tri-community.

Come Ride with Us

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Each year, Codiac Transpo provides more than 2.3 million rides to transit users from Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview.

Come Ride with Us
Easy and Accessible

Easy and Accessible

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Seven Codiac Transpo routes are wheelchair accessible. All buses have bike racks to allow for many commuting options.

Why Take the Bus?

1. Health
Walking or wheeling to your bus stop keeps you moving.
2. Environment
With every bus ride, you are helping reduce air pollution and traffic congestion.
3. Convenience
With a bike, wheelchair or stroller, the bus can get you to your destination.
4. Time Management
When you are not sitting behind the wheel, you have time for yourself, your book and your phone.
5. Cost
No parking fees, parking tickets, fuel costs, car insurance and registration to deal with.
6. Easy Winter Travel
Let us deal with the slushy, slippery roads.
7. Surf the Net
With someone else behind the wheel, you can safely - and legally - use your electronic devices!
8. Stress-Free Travel
Sit back and relax in a comfortable seat while commuting.
9. Power Naps
Sneak a few extra winks on your way to work or school.
10. Make New Friends
Get to know the people in your community by taking transit.
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