Employer Transit

Employees can receive a 20% reduction in 30-day transit pass costs if their employer signs on for a group plan.

2024 Employer Group Discount Rates

2024 Employer Group Discount Rates

Adult Pass- $56.00/month

Senior Pass- $45.00/month

Full-Time Student- $45.00/month

Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison

Reg. Adult 30-Day Pass - $71/ month ($852 / year)

Employer Adult Transit Pass - $56/month ($672 / year)

Own/Operate Mid-Size Vehicle - $871*/month ($10,456* / year)

*Source: Canadian Automobile Associate 

What is an Employer Transit Pass?

The Employer Transit Pass allows employees to save on bus fare costs through a group discount via their employer's participation in the program.

Employer Transit Pass Program Guidelines

Under this program, the Employer must have a minimum of ten employees per month in order to access the group rate. After the 15th of each month, it is the responsibility of the Employer or his/her representative to place an order for the required number of passes for the next month.

What are the benefits for employees?

The Employer Transit Pass provides numerous benefits for employees such as: 20% (approx.) discount off regular 30-day pass rates, unlimited rides per month, personal vehicle savings, monthly parking fee savings, access to wifi on all buses, and multi-modal options as all buses are equipped with bike racks.

What are the benefits for employers?

The Employer Transit Pass provides numerous benefits for employers such as great employment recruitment benefits, potential cost savings on parking lot maintenance and/or subsidies, promotion of environmentally friendly transportation options, strengthened corporate image, reduced employee parking demands, and low cost employee benefits.

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