Environment Benefits

Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day, we will be offering free service on Saturday, April 22 on all routes in Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe. 

Cleaner and Greener

Cleaner and Greener

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Using public transit is one of the most effective ways you can help the environment. Transit reduces traffic congestion that causes harmful emissions.

How Does it Help the Environment?

Cleaner Air

Fewer cars on the road contributes to the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality.

Reduced Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion makes for a more stressful commute and contributes to urban sprawl.

Less Road Damage

Traffic congestion creates greater wear on roads, resulting in increased environmental disruption and road maintenance costs.

Noise Reduction

Modern transit buses are quiet and environmentally efficient which contributes to the reduction of noise pollution.

Consider a Green Alternative

Consider a Green Alternative

Taking transit is a comfortable and efficient way to travel. Even if you do not use transit daily, consider building public transit into your routine. It’s clean, green and easy to use.

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