Travel Tips

Make your transit experience a safe and positive one by following these helpful tips.

Easy Boarding

Have your bus fare ready and be sure to take a seat as soon as you get on the bus. For the safety of others, be sure to keep backpacks and bags off the floor. 

Important Reminders

The first six seats at the front of the bus are designated priority seats. Be kind and give up your seat to someone who may need it.

Orientation to transit

Register your group for a free 90-minute workshop to learn how to navigate Codiac Transpo.

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Request a Stop

After dark, drivers can stop between bus stops to let out passengers traveling alone. They will accommodate these requests as long as it is safe for the bus to stop. Simply make the request to the driver when you get on board.

Bus Etiquette

  • Have your fare ready before you board the bus.

  • If you have a quick questions for the operator, please don’t block other customers from boarding, customers are also encouraged to call our office at 857-2008 for more information.

  • If you are transferring to another bus, please advise the operator so that he/she may advise the operator of your transfer bus. Take a seat upon boarding and exit using the rear doors, especially at busy intersections.

  • Be sure that backpacks and other bags are out of the aisles.

  • Be ready to exit the vehicle by collecting your belongings prior to the bus stopping.

  • Be courteous to those who need a seat more than you. Priority seating at the front of the bus is reserved for those who use canes, wheelchairs etc. Please respect mobility needs and give up a seat if required.

  • If you are waiting at a stop that is serviced by more than one route, please help by stepping back until your particular bus approaches.

  • Due to safety, health and cleanliness reasons, recyclable bags containing bottles, cans and waste materials are not permitted on Codiac Transpo buses.