Stroller Policy

Strollers on buses:         November 9, 2018


Single and double long strollers are permitted on the bus without having to be folded as long as they do not exceed allowed dimensions (see below). However, it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have full control of the stroller at all times. Passengers with strollers must also ensure that they do not interfere with or impede the safety or comfort of other passengers.


Passengers who wish to bring open strollers on board Codiac Transpo buses must make certain their stroller meets the acceptable size prior to boarding (122 cm L x 57 cm W / 48” L x 22.5” W). Double-wide and other strollers that exceed these dimensions must be folded and stored between seats because they are too wide for the aisles.

Depending on the amount of room available on the bus and to ensure passenger safety, the transit operator has complete discretion to accommodate an ‘open’ stroller or not.  

When passengers with a stroller enter the bus, they have two options:


When priority seating is available:

Passengers with an open stroller are required to

• Move to a priority seating area (on a first come, first serve basis);
• Flip the row of seats to the upright position to make room for an open stroller so as not to block the aisle;
• Have the child remain in the stroller with the seat belt fastened;
• Set the stroller brake and keep it engaged at all times when the bus is in motion; and
• Hold and secure the stroller for the duration of the trip.


 When priority seating is not available or becomes unavailable en route:

 Passengers with an open stroller are required to:

• Move to a non-priority seating area; 
• Remove the child from the stroller;
• Fold the stroller and store it between seats; and
• Hold and secure the child.

These measures ensure that there is proper clearance in the aisle in the event of an emergency evacuation. The parent or guardian is fully responsible for the proper securement of the child in or out of the baby stroller.

In case of a dispute, the passenger is to find an alternate seat and contact Codiac Transpo to lodge an official complaint.


Priority Seating Spaces: 

Designated priority spaces are available at the front of all buses. 

There is a pull handle underneath the seat to enable the seat to flip up against wall.

First and foremost, priority seating is to be given to persons who use wheelchairs and/or to children in accessible strollers.

Single Stroller:

The stroller size for transit buses should be no larger than 122 cm L x 57 cm W / 48” L x 22.5” W. This aligns with most collapsible strollers on the market. This guideline has been established to be considerate of other passengers’ freedom of movement given the limited space on buses.

Double ‘Long’ Stroller: 

Strollers featuring two seats, one in front of the other no larger than 122cm L x 57cm W / 48” L x 22.5” W.

Double ‘Wide’ Strollers: 

Strollers featuring two seats side by side

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