Public Transit Governance



The Committee shall have the authority to recommend changes to fares in keeping with approved budgets and service standards approved by the respective Councils.


Fiscal Responsibility

The Council of the City of Moncton shall continue to maintain fiscal responsibility.

Service standards established by participating municipalities will continue to govern service operations in their respective jurisdiction(s).

Not later than September of each fiscal year, the Committee will be responsible for providing each municipality a copy of their operating and capital budgets.



The committee shall have the authority to recommend changes to all aspects of the transit service with specific goals of:

  • Preparing a metropolitan transit vision, service standards and overall goals and objectives;
  • Preparing a metropolitan route structure;
  • Recommending a five-year capital budget for all participating municipalities;
  • Providing annual budgets as per the Agreement;
  • Establishing a system-wide fare structure and promoting an equitable share of costs between users and taxpayers;
  • Establishing a single marketing strategy;
  • Reviewing the cost-sharing formula as per the terms of the Agreement;
  • Operating the entire fleet as a single entity.

The Committee shall be responsible for detailing instruments of fare, approving rates and rate related policy.

The Mayors of Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe appoint member(s) of their Councils to this committee. In addition to these voting members, each municipality works with a senior manager who does not have voting authority.

Committee Members

Bryan Butler

Daniel Bourgeois

Mélyssa Janin

Paul Richard

Jeremy Thorne


Élaine Aucoin
General Manager  
Sustainable Growth and Development
(City of Moncton)
Gregg Houser
Deputy Treasurer/Controller  
(City of Moncton)
Jérémie Aubé
Director, Urban Mobility  
(City of Dieppe)
Angela Allain
Director, Public Transit   
Codiac Transpo
(City of Moncton)
Michel Ouellet
Director, Engineering and Public Works  
(Town of Riverview)
Alex Grncarovski
Manager, Operations   
Codiac Transpo
(City of Moncton)
Bob Bowser
Supervisor of Finance and Administration   
Codiac Transpo
(City of Moncton)


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Meeting times posted a few months in advance. Meetings open to the public have agendas posted beforehand. Citizens and media who wish to attend a meeting must register in advance by calling 506-857-2008 or emailing


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