New Fareboxes

As of August 3, we will have new fareboxes on our buses!

Codiac Transpo Rolling-Out New Fareboxes

As part of the ongoing effort to modernize the transit system in the tri-community, Codiac Transpo is rolling out new electronic fareboxes on their buses beginning the week of August 2, 2021. The fareboxes will be installed on an ongoing basis over the coming weeks permitting new passenger amenities and travel data collection to enhance future planning and passenger demand data. 

In an effort to ensure passengers are aware of the changes with the new fareboxes, we have created a video that demonstrate how the fareboxes are used.

Instructional Video

The fareboxes will have the following features:

  • Cash payments and coin and bill validator;

  • Proximity (RFID) scanning for 10, 20, and 1-ride passes, including a passenger screen indicating the amount of rides remaining;

  • QR Code scanner for monthly pass and transfer slip validation;

  • Self-serve transfer slips printed directly from the farebox with time stamped expiration; 

Instructional Video

Monthly passes

These customers will continue to show their passes upon boarding if their bus is not equipped with the new fareboxes. Monthly passes already have QR codes on them and can be scanned as soon as their bus is equipped with the new farebox.

1, 10 and 20-ride passes

Ticket books, which are currently being used for these passes, will still be accepted and do not expire. Customers will not be required to exchange these passes. Once all buses have been equipped with the new fareboxes, RFID passes will be issued to vendors for purchase. Passengers scan the pass at the farebox indicator upon entry and the farebox passenger screen will display how many trips remain on their current pass.

Transfer passes

The current transfer passes, available to passengers upon entry, will continue to be used until all buses have had their new fareboxes installed and programmed, which is expected to be completed by August 13, 2021. Once all new fareboxes are installed, passengers will self-serve their transfers by pushing the transfer button on screen. Once printed, passengers must take the transfer pass and scan it upon boarding their next bus. The transfer pass will expire 90-minutes after being issued in order to permit transfer connections across the network.

Cash payments

Cash payments on buses with old fareboxes will proceed as normal. For buses with new fareboxes, cash payments are accepted by the farebox, with the screen displaying the amount deposited and validate currency. Invalid coins will be rejected and returned through a coin-drop requiring additional coins to be deposited.