Wheelchair Accessible Transit

Wheelchair Accessible Routes

16- Hennessey

50- Red

51 - Green

60 - Bessborough

61 - Elmwood

62 - Hildegard

64 - Hospitals

65 - Killam

93 - Champlain

What does a Wheelchair Accessible Low-Floor (ALF) bus mean for you?

Curb level entry, easy ramp access, wider doors and rear-facing wheelchair secure spaces gives riders more freedom and makes accessible travel comfortable and safe.


  • Most electric mobility scooters, due to their dimensions, are not permitted on Codiac Transpo buses. Certain mobility scooters, such as those that fold, are permitted with pre-approval from Codiac Transpo, to ensure that the scooters can fit on the ramp and in aisles. For pre-approval, please phone our office at 506-857-2008.

  • Customers must be able to independently board, pay and disembark.

  • Customers with mobility issues must board and disembark via the front door ramp.

Wheeling On and Off an ALF Bus

  • Allow other customers to first board and disembark.

  • Deposit fare in box. The operator can provide assistance if needed.

  • Back in to wheelchair location.

  • Keep backpacks/bags off the floor

  • Secure brake and seatbelt. Power off electric chairs.