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Beginning on April 19/15 adjustments will be made to some routes in Moncton and Dieppe. Full schedules and maps will be posted online at codiactranspo.ca.

Minor time and/or route adjustments have been made to the following schedules:
50 Red Line (schedule)51 Green Line (schedule) • 52 Blue Line (schedule) • 60 Bessborough (schedule) 61 Elmwood  (schedule) • 62 Hildegard (schedule)63 Lewisville (schedule) 64 Hospitals (schedule) • 64-B Hospitals (schedule) • 65 Killam (schedule) • 66 Caledonia (schedule) • 67 Edinburgh (schedule) 68 Salisbury (schedule) • 70 Frampton (schedule) 71 Coliseum  (schedule) • 94 Centrale (schedule)

66 Caledonia
A new trip has been added at 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday(schedule).

40 Albert
A new trial route has been launched called “40 Albert”.  It will provide service from Highfield Square to 81 Albert Street.  There will be four trips per day, Monday through Friday.  Trial route is expected to run from April 19 to August 29, 2015.  A new schedule will be available for this route in the bus or online. (schedule)(route map)

Accessible Service Advisory:

This is to advise accessible service may experience delays. Passengers who use wheelchairs will be accommodated but travel delays are expected to occur with no prior notice due to ongoing operational issues.

Please refer to the Home page of our web site or go to Facebook for notices regarding any delays, detours or other situations that are affecting our service.


Our drivers do their best to be on time, however road, traffic and weather conditions may make buses a bit early or late. We suggest that customers arrive at their stop a few minutes early, just as a precaution.


Due to the narrowing of streets from the exceptional amount of snow, the use of bike racks on Codiac Transpo buses will be prohibited for certain routes, at the sole discretion of bus operators. For safety reasons, bikes cannot be stored inside the bus. Thank you for your patience and understanding… Safety is our priority.

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Check out the Schedules page to help plan your trip with us or if you need help call our information helpline at 857-2008, Monday to Friday, between  7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  No telephone service on Saturday and Sunday.




Seniors 65+ ride free on Wednesdays 

Proof of age required.