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Public transit enables a person to access employment, education, health and social services, food, and recreation which contributes to health and wellbeing. It also plays an important role in promoting inclusive communities. When individuals within a community have access to effective, efficient, and affordable transportation options the community as a whole benefits.

In partnership with the City of Moncton, City of Dieppe and the Town of Riverview, the Community Transit Pass Program offers various organizations reduced rates on transit passes/tickets, in order to meet the transportation needs for our most vulnerable in the community. 

CTPP_Application Process 


Specific Eligibility Criteria

  1. Requests from individuals will not be considered.
  2. The organization must be based in Moncton, Dieppe or Riverview and deliver its services to the residents of these communities.
  3. The organization must have a clearly stated purpose and function and have an active board. 
  4. The organization must extend its services to the general public in the communities identified and should not exclude anyone by reason of race, religion, gender or ethnic background. This would not preclude those organizations whose services are restricted to a particular sector of the community for reasons of ameliorating the conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups in accordance with Section 15(1) (2) of the Charter of Rights.
  5. Organizations operating under the auspices of a religious body must have a distinct line of separation within its programs and budgets between strictly religious activities and community service programs.
  6. The organization must substantiate the value and need for the service or activity for which tickets/passes are requested and how the organization plans their use. 


The organizations must demonstrate sound management and accountability for all requested tickets through the Monthly Reporting.

Requests for transit pass assistance to replace support provided by other levels of government are not eligible under this program.


The future of the program will depend upon the results of a program evaluation. 

Organizations will be expected to submit a Monthly Report, including and impact survey by December 1st.


  1. Any organization receiving tickets from Codiac Transpo will be required to return surplus tickets for reallocation.
  2. This tri-community, five year pilot program is not to be construed as a commitment by the cities/town to continue such assistance in future years. 
  3. Distribution of tickets must be allocated based on the number of tickets received per month.
  4. In providing such assistance, Codiac Transpo and the coordinating committee may impose such conditions as they see fit.



Application Form

Monthly Reporting


Impact Survey