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Smoking, including E cigarettes are prohibited on all buses and within 10 meters of a shelter.  





Safety, Service, Courtesy

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Safety Partner Program has been developed to enhance customer and employee safety on Codiac Transpo buses. By using various communication methods, drivers can play a key role in providing emergency assistance or initiating a response for:

• Persons in need of assistance
• Safety hazards
• Threatening or criminal behaviour

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The Request a Stop Program is intended to make travelling on buses at night safer for all customers.  Passengers travelling alone, after dusk in the summer or after 6 p.m. in the winter, can ask a driver to let them off between stops via the front doors.  Drivers will accommodate requests at locations where they deem safe for the bus to stop. Customers should simply make their request in advance, giving the driver sufficient time to anticipate the stop. 


For Your Safety... 

In an effort to avoid potential injury to yourself and others, please take a seat upon boarding the bus.  If you must remain standing, ensure you are behind the white or yellow line on the aisle floor at the front of the bus.  Hold onto the post, overhead bar or strap whenever possible to avoid falling while standing.

Remaining near the entrance to engage in conversation with the operator while the bus is in motion is not permitted as, in the event of a collision or sudden stop, your personal safety, as well as the safety of others, may be jeopardized.  In addition, it could be distracting to the driver and may impede the flow of passengers boarding.

Your cooperation will help us in providing safe travel for all customers.


SAFETY NOTICE: Adults travelling with children, when exiting the bus via the rear doors, should ensure that the children exit first to prevent the doors from closing on them.

Important Reminders

  • Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.  bus image
  • Drivers do not carry change.
  • For safety and insurance reasons all baby strollers must be folded before entering the bus.
  • Shirts and footwear must be worn.

  • Please exit by rear door.
  • Use caution if standing.
  • Open alcohol is not permitted on any bus.
Courtesy Seating


As a courtesy, please allow the elderly and passengers with special needs to use the first six seats at the front of the bus.

Daycares Advisories

  • To avoid travel delays or limited seating, please call 857-2008 for trip planning assistance.
  • All daycare groups are to board at the front door of the bus.


Due to safety, health and cleanliness reasons, recyclable bags containing bottles, cans and waste materials are not permitted on Codiac Transpo buses.


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Transporting dangerous goods

In accordance with Department of Transport regulations, customers are not permitted to transport any dangerous goods on public buses. Thank you for your cooperation with  this important safety regulation.

For more information please visit Transport Canada's Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.


Service Dogs

As service dogs are permitted on Codiac Transpo buses we ask all our customers to adhere to the following: 


“Enriching the quality of life and enhancing the independence of children and families with autism.”

What is a Certified Autism Service Dog?

National Service Dogs (NSD) has proven that properly trained and Certified Autism Service Dogs can:

Increase safety levels and alleviate the bolting behaviors common in children with autism by acting as an anchor when tethered to the child.
Improve a child’s socialization and behavioral skills.
Create freedoms for the child and family members to go out of the house safely and confidently.

For more information visit: www.nsd.on.ca


(P)ut the person first.
Stay focused on the person and ignore the animal. Doing the opposite is dehumanizing to the person and not that meaningful to the animal. Talk to the person.

(A)ssume independence.
A working animal and his/her handler represent an independent unit and will probably never need your help.

(W)atch your eye contact and body language.
Trained animals are very responsive to the eye contact and body language of their handlers. The intrusion of your eye contact and hand gestures may interrupt this flow and could confuse the animal. Do not engage the animal.

(S)ave the petting and feeding for your pets at home.
You should never touch or feed a service animal. You upset the working relationship when you interfere with a service animal’s diet and concentration. Save the interactions for your own pets.

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Animals on Codiac Transpo buses

We allow animals on board our buses when they are in enclosed, secure carrier/crate that does not inconvenience other passengers. Service Dogs required by passengers for independent travel must be on a leash or harness.

Dog Carrier

 Note: Do not touch, pat, distract, or attempt to play with a service dog.


Lowering of Buses

When temperatures reach -5 degrees Celsius, lowering the buses can cause a failure in the air system, and is generally avoided. Exceptions, for customers with mobility challenges, can be made at the supervisor’s discretion.


Tips for Transit Riders

Whether you are a long time Transit Rider or a new one, these "Tips" will save you time, money and make riding with Codiac Transpo easier!

Tip 1 - Let Us Help You Get Started

Would like to discover Moncton or need to ride a new route? Call our Transit Info Helpline at 857-2008, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. There is no telephone service on Saturday and Sunday. Our friendly staff will help you with route planning, fares, transfer locations, bus stop locations, best travel times and more.


Click on Bus Catcher on our home page, enter your origin and destination, click on Plan my trip and let the tool do the planning for you!

 Tip 2 - Avoid Waiting

Take the time to check your bus schedule; this will save you a lot of waiting time. We also advise, due to the high risk of delays during construction season, that customers take their bus one trip earlier than normal in order to make the connections. 

Tip 3 - Fares

Make sure you are getting the "fare" deal you deserve. Codiac Transpo offers  discounts on punch passes and monthly passes, available at Codiac Transpo office (140 Millennium Blvd.) and all Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview Shopper's Drug Mart locations as well as other locations (please look under Fares). For students and seniors 65 years of age or older, a valid ID is required for discount monthly passes. Remember, you can ride as much as you want with a monthly pass. Or use transfers while paying with  cash or with punch cards. Please have exact fare ready and ask for your transfer when you board the bus; this will make boarding our service faster and more efficient for our passengers.


Where a person who has any disability or special need that requires an attendant to travel with them, the attendant shall travel for free.



 Tip 4 - Give Yourself Time

Our drivers do their best to be on time, but road, traffic and weather conditions may make buses a bit early or late. Arrive at your stop a few minutes early, prepare your FARE, fold strollers and have your bags ready, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

 Tip 5 - Ride Safely

Codiac Transpo wants to get you safely to your destination. Here's how you can help:

  • Don't run across the street for a bus - and never run in front of a bus. The driver and other motorists may not see you.
  • Sit or stand still inside a moving bus, because a sudden stop may catch you by surprise.
  • If the bus has already pulled out and you are arriving late to a stop, the driver may not always be able to pull over as he/she has to concentrate on the traffic.
  • Wait for your bus in a safe location. If you can, find a well-lit bus stop or one with other passengers and pedestrians nearby.
  • In the event of an emergency, a bus driver can radio our Dispatch office or Transit Supervisor for help from Police, Fire or Ambulance. If you need assistance or witness an emergency, ask a Codiac Transpo

    Operator for help.

Tip 6 - Board with Right Fare

Being prepared with the right fare or proper transfers speeds boarding and makes every trip more efficient. If you're using cash fares please ensure you have the correct amount before you travel, our operators do not provide change.


Where a person who has any disability or special need that requires an attendant to travel with them, the attendant shall travel for free.



Tip 7 - Take Us to More Places

According to the Canadian Automobile Association, it costs over $10,000 a year to operate an average new car. Unlimited Codiac Transpo Passes cost an adult $756 a year, and much less for students and seniors at $576. Taking Transit eliminates parking problems and saves on vehicle wear and tear. Before hopping in a car, consider Transit for your destinations.

Tip 8 - Respect Other Riders

Public Transit means you are sharing space with other passengers. Respect those you are riding with, and you can expect their respect in return. Here are examples of the most frequent complaints we get about other riders:

  • Strollers blocking the aisle
  • Passengers occupying more than one seat - even with bags or parcels
  • Healthy passengers not offering courtesy seating (first few seats at front of bus) to older adults or persons with special needs
  • Foul language
  • Loud conversations, music and cell phone calls
  • Clogging the front of the bus when there is space at the back
  • Eating or drinking on board
  • Leaving newspapers or litter on the bus
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Not exiting by the rear exit doors
  • Use of perfume or cologne 

Common courtesy among passengers can make everyone's travel more pleasant!

Tip 9 - Smile!

Riding Transit can be a lot easier and a lot more pleasant with a little smile. Passengers and drivers alike have good days and bad days. Our drivers serve thousands of passengers and answer hundreds of questions every day - and occasionally, a dispute may arise. If you have an issue with a driver, a service area or any of our policies, please let the driver focus on driving and call our Customer Service line at 857-2008. We have staff specially assigned to follow-up on any passenger complaints and or questions. Compliments are also welcome!

Enjoy the Ride!

The Codiac Transpo System is at your service, every day. We hope you find these tips helpful, as we look forward to welcoming you on board often!