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Environmental Benefits of Transit


Transit keeps cities moving at the lowest possible cost.  Without transit, we would need to build more roads than taxpayers or the environment could support.  Furthermore, traffic congestion is expensive for our economy.


In this new millennium, we need to take a look at environmental concerns like harmful emissions being sent into our atmosphere and their effect on the “greenhouse effect” and global warming.


Check out the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) website at



The Environmental Case for Public Transit


     • Cities compete globally for investment.  Quality of life is one of the top factors considered by companies when 

       deciding where to locate.  By providing access and mobility to workers, reducing congestion and improving air

       quality, we can help our cities compete for economic growth.


     • Strong transit is vital to "smart growth" strategies that help our cities reduce the cost and undesirable impacts

        of urban sprawl.  Transit reduces the amount of green space that must be paved over for new roads and

        parking  lots.  It also makes cities cleaner, quieter, safer and more convenient for getting around.


     • A study commissioned by the federal government shows it would cost Canadians 50 percent more to meet

       new travel demands by car than it would by public transit.  These social costs reflect the impact of growing    

       passenger travel on congestion, road safety and the environment.

We've all seen it: hundreds of vehicles scrambling to get somewhere during rush hour, with one person in each. Yet most people living in an urban centre know that something must be done to protect our environment, which is becoming increasingly fragile.


Codiac Transpo is committed to the design and implementation of a convenient, cost-effective public transportation system that can easily be worked into our daily lives.


Consider a "green" alternative: take public transit…..


…one week each month, even if it's only to work or out shopping. 


…on Clean Air Canada Day, the second Wednesday of June during Environment Week.


…for a family outing during the summer to events, such as the Dieppe Kite Festival, or to Riverfront festivities in Moncton or Riverview.


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